Monday, September 15, 2008


Dude! The financial world is going to hell in a hand basket. It feels a little like when the dot com bubble burst, but since this is the finance industry which has been around for a couple of hundred years I think it's much, much, much worse.
Me folkses just left. Bye Mom and Dad! Man, was it ever great to have them here!! Talk about a good feeling. They loved the pad (of course!) and loved our neighborhood and loved their visit. Yesterday, we toured the hood, showed them some of the historic houses (including the Graham Home for Old Ladies), took them to the Habana Outpost, and just around. My dad made his popular chicken curry (delicious!) and me and my ma made an apple pie out of the apples they had picked up in Glens Falls. That pie is delicious. Saturday, my parents took the red sight seeing bus around the City, and I walked over the Williamsburg bridge and then home. Watched the California Golden Bears get their asses handed to them by Freakin Maryland. Good lord.
Overall I have to say a total success.


Randi said...

We watched a lot of football. We also walked. I think Buzz & I are the west coast version of Cod & Babe.

Buzz said...

The bears tried hard at the end to put something together but fell a little short...

U of M on the other hand... Just terrible.

Jessicurl said...

Popular Chicken Curry! I have yet to try this in-demand entree!