Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's Friday for me, because Babe and I are off to Denver tomorrow to see the folkses. That will be lovely and nice. Just have to make it through today. Work sure has been crazy lately. Lots of proposals due and crazy people asking me questions at all hours of the day. Well, maybe just during the work day.
Tonight I'm ready to be WOWed by Barak Obama's speech at the DNC. I'm walking up to Harlem to get a few extra miles in. Still training for the Boob Walk (you can still donate if you haven't!) Been walking home from work at least twice a week, which is a nice four mile walk, over the Manhattan Bridge. I dig it, but I still need to update my music selection.
Going to walk at high alitudes this weekend at the folks's house. Or just use the elipticle. Ha!!
Is that really how you spell elipticle? Wild.

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