Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Vacation Momentos & Why the Olympics DO rock, despite all the annoying Bob Costas Moments

My nephew Ben is a professional tricycle rider at the age of 3. He can both go forward and backward.
That's the ocean in my hometown Oxnard California.
That's Randi and Dr. Brad's puppy. Isn't she sweet? That's Randi's pillow she's laying on, BTW.
This is a pig I met at the mall. His toes are painted pink. My five year old niece Nava said, "I was very disappointed to see that pig at the mall." You weren't the only one Nav. Ha!

The three amigos! And beach volleyball is the reason that the Olympics totally rock despite all the crying athletes and the annoying moments featuring Bob Costas.


Randi said...

Um so cute. All of them.

And women's beach volleyball makes me realize some homosexual tendencies.

Buzz said...

Please Please PLEASE tell me that pig was at UTC...

Because that would make my day.

Anonymous said...

double dis on Costas - I personally don't like that annoying women who tells Costas about her travels and experiences in China - she is more annoying then a rash.