Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, Monday

How was it? Your weekend? Was it awesome? Was it everything you hoped it could be, and more? Did you see things you'd never seen? Experience experiences you'd never experienced? Smell things you'd never smelled? Eat things you'd never eaten? If not, you wasted your weekend folks. Now, how does that make you feel?
My, my, my. What attitude, right? You don't deserve that kind of talking to, do you? It's not your fault that it's Monday and that no one I mean no one wants to be at work today. Is it? And I've just presented you with a tirade of emotion, possibly making things even worse.
Maybe we should start over. Did you have a nice weekend?


Randi said...

It would have been better if I'd talked to my BFF...

Anonymous said...

I climbed to the top of a lighthouse and it only cost me a buck! The weekend rocked