Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guestapalooza 2008

Well folks, guestapalooza summer 2008 has ended. In case you missed the tour, I offer a recap:

It began in the first weekend in June with Jessicurl & Esteban and many people who they knew. That was the hottest weekend in NYC and we hadn't yet installed air conditioned.

Next came Scooter, who was really just in and out for a few days, but now that he lives on the Best Coast does count as a guest.

Then July happened and Lamy came. That was a beautiful and fun visit except for when her car got broken into and we spent a day in East New York getting it fixed. Yay thanks Corona Auto Glass! You're the best.

Then my sister came so that was super easy and fun. We went out of town for the weekend to our other sister's place and then I became a guestapalooza while hosting my own guestapalooza. How complicated!

Then The Floreses came, and that was so much fun. They were incredibly easy guests who never complained once about anything, never bickered inside my house, and enjoyed every bit of New York City.

And thats something that ties together all the guests who came on the guestapalooza 2008 summer tour. They all loved New York City, saw that its a City which will give you whatever you're ready for (and sometimes more) and they embraced it with a smile. Never even getting mad at her that temperatures rose to the 100s.

There you have it folks. The B&B is closing up for the month of August. The innkeepers are taking a break.


Randi said...

I wanna be part of the Guestapalooza...
Come be one with me!
Um... that meant "Be a guest" but you and I can be one if you'd like.

Nancy said...



unknown legend said...

damn you two. your generosity is insane. Cer-azy hospitable. thanks again for letting me be part of your -palooza. I've never been part of any -ooza before. You are wonderful hosts.