Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I need more themes. Haiku Friday makes my life so easy. Every Friday I get to my computer and know all I have to churn out is a haiku.

Some people do Love Thursday or Half Nekkid Thursday. I never really understood Love Thursday. Half Nekkid - pretty easy to understand. Throw T&A pictures of yourself on the web so people can leave comments like "MMM Yummy" or "Nice Ass." Makes me kind of ill. Love Thursday - maybe you say something nice about something you love?

BFF does TMI Tuesday - that's very cute. I usually just hop on her blog to fill that in.

I'm thinking of doing a politics Wednesday - thus ensuring that those of you who don't want to talk about politics on my blog (Jessicurl) know when to skip the post. But I am not yet invested in the race. Politics Wednesday may have to wait.

I was thinking of doing a weekly post where I tell you some sort of dark and seedy story from times long ago. This may be the winner. Winner winner! Chicken dinner! But I don't have one for today. Not yet anyways.

Any ideas? I could do book reviews one day a week. But is that interesting? I read so much crap why would anyone care what I thought of it?


Randi said...

I love the structure of a theme. We've got TMI Tuesday but sometimes those are too naughty. Moral of the Humpday. I've since retired from HNT. Haiku Friday...

What about Two for Tuesday like all the classic rock stations?

Know what that means? I got nothin.

Buzz said...

Review one restaurant a week?

Maybe pick a band out of your cd collection and review them?

You do a good job with books, I'm sure it would translate well into that sort of thing too.

Nancy said...

I think Dark and Seedy Thursday would rule!!!!!!!!!!!!