Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Misc. Items

For some reason, this morning, I was remembering that in Junior High I wore my pants inside out to school one day...I read NY Metro this morning on the train and I'm wondering if I'm actually stupider for it...There was a feature on sunglasses. No, seriously. Sunglasses...I left my phone charger at home today. I hate that...For reals? Not to be so typical and always talk about the weather, but it's fucking burning up hot dudes. Sorry had to drop an F bomb but it's that hot. There's no two ways about it. Good thing we're going to a METS game tonight. I hope we roast...We're running a bed and breakfast this summer at the crib. Just hop online and see if you can book a reservation.


Randi said...

June gloom has officially arrived so it's colder than a witch's titty here this morning.
While you're renting out your place, feel free to stay over at my condo 1/2 a block from the playa!!!!

Jessicurl said...

Oh really, there's breakfast?