Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dark and Seedy Thursday?

I'm actually not sure Dark and Seedy Thursday is such a good idea, but I totally like the name. What if I just talked about pomegrates? Wouldn't that be annoying? (Get it? Cuz they are dark and seedy? Thanks, folks, I'll be here all week.)
We went to Back Forty last night to try their burgers. The place was so awesome. It looked brand new, it's totally huge with three big rooms and a back yard. The back yard was necessary as the place seemingly was not air conditioned. Either way, dope space for parties, because the tables are so big.

The burger was good. I have to say not amazing. Maggie Brown's around the corner from our pad does a better burger and for much less. The bun was perfection, lightly toasted and covered in sesame seeds. The cow was apparently grass fed, a nice eco plus, but didn't really change the taste. The cheese (at $2 a slice) was too mild for such a big burger. The spicy ketchup was homemade and delicious and the fries were sort of ruined by being covered in rosemary, an herb that I killed whilst on the Sonoma diet. They had great beer on tap, though, like Captain Lawrence Pale Ale, and the company was terrific, so although the burger wasn't one of my top five it was a super fun night.


Anonymous said...

long live bistro burger!

Buzz said...

Did they say it was grass fed or were you able to taste a difference?