Monday, June 02, 2008

Busy Weekend

Totally busy and fun weekend. Some tidbits?

Isn't tidbit kind of a gross word?
  • Saw Pennywise at Irving Plaza. Dude, I saw these guys for the first time when I was fifteen years old. At the Mayfair in Ventura, Ca. I kissed this guy named Jonah, with long blond hair and a steamroller. Babe and I have seen them together about 10 times. This was a rockin show, with a crazy ass mosh pit. Scary!
  • Went to a gal pal's bachelorette party. It was so much fun I almost died. Ate at Avenue A sushi, which I totally recommend for its festive atmosphere, good DJ, and great drinks. The food was good, too! Also took a class at the S. Factor - totally the best idea ever.
  • Went to the Habana Outpost on Sunday for some lounging and $2.50 beers in the sun, along with the rest of our neighborhood. We'll be seeing a lot of that place this summer, I can tell.
  • Checked out a fancy outdoor brunch spot, Five Front, which I'd recommend. A little pricey but really good food and a good atmosphere. Plus its right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge - how chic!
  • Also, went to the coolest dive bar on the planet, or at least in East Village, after the show on Saturday night. Holla. I almost hesitate to link to it, because I doubt they want lots of people to know about it. But you guys are all dope, and would love it, so check the link!
  • Happy Monday!

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SinlessTouch said...

Wow, you really had a busy weekend. you even had fun at your pal's bachelorette party.