Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'm back

Days away from nyc: 1O
Total hours spent on planes:22
Beers drank daily: 5 - 10
Cheese plates consumed: 5
Meat plates consumed: 10
Countries set foot in: 3
Pictures taken: 200
Number of Crowns in five dollars: 100
Number of Euros in five dollars: 3
Museums visited: 3
Cost of beer in Prague:$ 2
Hookahs smoked: 3
Steps climbed to various lookout points: 500
Souveniers bought: 3
Dollars spent on flights: 1215
Euros spent on train to and from Prague: 215
Hours it takes to take a train from Prague to Berlin: 4.5
Books read: 2
Movies watched: 3
Number of times a bird shit on my face: 1
Hours spent laughing: hundreds


Ang said...

Hi Dude,
Can't wait to see the pictures!

Randi said...

I'll try and get the pics up tonight.