Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day

Did you guys turn in your taxes, yo?
Were they done weeks ago?

We sent our a couple of months back.
Along with a big check. Totally whack.

Long lines today at the P.O.
Why do peeps wait so long? I don't know.

Paying taxes doesn't make me mad.
But they spend it all on the war. That's bad.

Man, my poetic skills are off the hook!
I'm just waiting for an offer to publish my book.

Don't mock me until you've done it, see?
A poem about taxes isn't so easy.


Randi said...

I want to give you props
I think your poem is tops

I would have rhymed "taxes"
By using the word "waxes"

Look out Dr. Seuss
Miss Codfish is on the loose

Waxing poetic on the blog
Chillin' like a bump on a log

Not just haikus, folks
She also comes with mad jokes

That's my Bestest Friend
Inspiring me to no end

Drew said...

That poem was wack
but I'll cut you some slack

Free online turbotax - nice!
Next year I won't think twice

My mom always said something wise
So I'll tell you guys

"If you owe money, it means you're making money"
Your monetary skies are sunny

So there you go, that's my rhyme
And I am out, in the nick of time