Thursday, April 03, 2008


Dude, dig the name! Had a breakfast meeting at this huge new restaurant (new? maybe not) in the west village called Morandi (which I like b/c it incorporates BFF's name and so I say it Mo Randi). It's huge. I know the village, used to live there, and generally can find my way around with ease. Go figure I couldn't find this restaurant on 7th Avenue South and Waverly Place. I was walking around for 20 minutes before I called Stretch to find out where it was - only to realize I was standing in front of it.


Randi said...

HA! I totally said "Mo Randi" when I read the title.
It's me! More of me!

Jessicurl said...

Re: your past life in the west village, I can't believe that the Beatrice Inn is now a celeb hotspot. Whenever it's in a magazine, I'm all, "Those are the glass doors to Caroline and Mike's old apartment!" Imagine how much more exciting your little perch by the window would have been if now was then.