Tuesday, April 29, 2008


You might wonder why I put the cover of the books I read on my blog. I always try to find a picture of the exact book that I've read, too, even though there are usually several for the same book. It's because I often judge a book by its cover. That's also how I judge people. Just kidding.

Read On Beauty. You'll like it. It's long, and takes a couple (40?) pages to get into but once it rolls, it's rollin.
Somebody in my building has great taste in books and always leaves stacks of them on this little table where people leave things for other people to take. Example? There was a box of clothes down there yesterday morning, along with some random shoes. Anyways, used clothes aren't my bag, but used books are. I read sometimes up to 2 or 3 books a week so don't really care to buy them new so I usually buy used books anyways. And now I get them for free, too!

Strangers by Yamada Taichi was sitting there the other day. Totally a ghost story. Totally scary and totally easy to read. Dug that one, too. I am now reading the new one by Taichi and will tell you how it is. You can be sure of that people.

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