Friday, April 25, 2008

Haiku Girl You'll be a Woman Soon Friday

Statuesque woman.
Broad, sturdy and heavy set.
Matron of honor.

Tall, lithe and slender.
Becoming, gorgeous and hot.
Wee maid of honor.

Married or single
No woman should be matron,
except in prison.


Randi said...

Matron Mama Cass
Big breasted Queen Latifah
A strong black woman
Matron means "married"
Maids are those less fortunate
At our age? Spinsters.
No matter their size
Sturdy, heavy, tiny, thin
Your girls are your girls

Nancy said...

You only need to be called matron at the wedding if there is indeed another Maid of Honor who is bnot married. If you are the only "of honor" it is still proper to be called maid.

The matron only disguishes one married of honor to the other.

the Wedding Planner