Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Circ. vs. Stacks

There's this kind of cool looking guy who works at the NYU library circulation desk. He's sort of a femme, and has great jewels and make-up on most of the time, but in a very subtle way. Anyways, I saw him this morning getting off the train and got to remembering the Great Divide of my college days work experience.

I always had like ten jobs in college - I worked at a restaurant, a head shop, I was a transcriber, a clerk, and most of all I worked at the library.

I think libraries are the greatest invention in modern day life and I absolutely love them.

I worked at the UC Berkeley library for 3 years, in various capacities. But most of all, I worked in the Stacks, which means I was a book shelver, sorter, and maintainer. There were like 20 of us and the job was just hilarious - a little boring, but fun because you sat around the back of the library with other students and put books in alphabetical order. Work study, baby!

Anyways, the other side of things at the library was the Circulation Desk. Or Circ. The people who worked in Circ were all hipsters before hipsters were really called that. I mean vintage-wearing, indie-rock listening, poetry-majoring, pretty-people types. They looked upon the Stacks workers with disdain and we saw them for what they were - a bunch of assholes.

The divide was never breached - if you worked in Stacks, you worked in Stacks. If you worked in Circ, well, who knows what their rules were. I was never one of them.

I wonder if it's like that here?


Randi said...

I really really liked this post, Codfish.

Did you know the word "hippie" is a derivative of "hipster?"

Some author dude coined it back in the 40s....

Drew said...

The circ people at my library wear headphones and get pissed off if you ask a question. Circ jerks.

Nancy said...

This post reminds me that I got a notice from NYU's library saying that I owe them 40 bucks because I had taken a book out and someone else wanted the book and I ignored the ask to give the book back to the library. I get this notice once a month since 2004--oh well too bad
I knew the girl who wanted the book and hated her.

Drew said...

dude that's not cool