Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rustik Tavern

Babe and I checked out the Rustik Tavern on Friday night because it got a good review from Clinton Hill Blog and its new and in our neighborhood. (471 Dekalb Ave.)

Well cute it is, that's for sure. The space is really lovely and the people seem nice. The service was so bad, I can't even begin to explain it. Not like they weren't really friendly people. They were! Our server was lovely.

I went online beforehand to check the menu and was so stolked to see they have Sierra Nevada on tap. MMM Pale Ale. So we asked for it and they didn't have it. I asked her what wines they had by the glass and she didn't know. We ordered a plate of nachos and some sliders and after an hour wondered what was going on. Until I saw the people who had just sit down next to us dive into a plate of nachos and some sliders. She was apologetic, of course!, but then we still waited 20 minutes for our food after that. She gave us a free round which was very nice, but also the least they could do considering it was 10 pm when we finally got our food, and we'd sat down at 8:30. Too bad, man! Too bad. The nabe is so small and really needs good place to catch a meal. I guess this will just be a spot for the occasional beer on tap (another thing lacking in our neighborhood) and that is okay with me too.

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