Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, Monday

How was your weekend? Mine was lovely - very easy but also fun. Didn't go to many new places but did check out brunch at the spot - Sette on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope. Park Slope - also called BabyTown. There were no less than six babies at brunch at the same time as us. Of course their parents were there, too, in case you were picturing a circle table with all high chairs. I know where to bring Jojo next week when she brings her little tiny. I thought the place was great - my breakfast wasn't very good but that's my fault not theirs. I should know by now that I really don't like eggs that much. Ha!
Unlimited mimosas, though, that was nice.
I'm beginning to get to know Brooklyn better and can now almost always figure out where I am in relation to either a) my apartment or b) Target on Atlantic, but not yet both.

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