Friday, March 21, 2008

Haiku Strange Words Friday

Week full of strange words.
Mounting, supple, buttery.
Everyone has some.

Words they just don't like.
Viscous, moist, lamination?
Kind of a fun game.

Have a nice weekend.
Babe and I are making ham.
Decorating eggs.


Randi said...

A gal I once knew
A sure way to get her goat
Saying the word: Pork
Twat is a tough one
I hate the way it sounds, dude
Just seems so nasty.
And what about "Douche"
That shit's spreading like wildfire
The douche-baggery

Ang said...

Hahaha...Funny dude...I still hate that word...

Jawn said...

Lamination huh..interesting...I haven't heard that word since high school.