Friday, March 28, 2008

Haiku Friday

I got a hair cut.
He took more than half of it.

Now my hair is wee.

Lovely guest in town.
Jessicurl is visiting.

So low maintenance.

More guests to come soon.
Life has been very quiet.

Ready to have fun.


MIL said...

ohhhhh i LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Nice cut kid! dig-it

ceedee said...

Super cute!

Randi said...

You are so fine, grrrrrl.

Michele S said...

Your hair cut looks nice.

Jessicurl said...

Yeah yeah yeah, your hair looks great. But more to the point, this Jessicurl sounds like an exceelnt houseguest.

jessicurl said...

Exceelnt, indeed.

Randi said...

jessicurl made me laugh out loud.