Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Feaster

This is the egg decorating station in the guest room. So much fun.
This is the feast and you can see the mirror that Babe re-finished and made awesome. You can see Ruby's cute hat in the mirror.
My easter flowers from President Babe.
We ate a lot of food.

There was: Ham of course, Chicken a la Ruthie - also called Rachel's chicken because I made it special for Rachel, Cindy's mom's cheesy potatoes, dill roasted potatoes, green salad, deviled eggs, steamed vegetables, pimento dip and crudite, black olives, these little phyllo pastry spinach spirals and dinner rolls.

And easter candy.

Peeps brought all kinds of good stuff - like tofu & raita, quinoa salad, brownies, pies, pasta salad with little blueberries and goat cheese, and lots and lots and lots of wine!


Nancy said...

WOW, Caroline--this is like a Martha Stewart meal. Looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Ang said...

Neat dude! Good job!

Randi said...

Siiiigh. I said I love the wall color and the computer stole it from me.
I wanna combover so bad.

G said...

Yum Caroline! I just talked to Ruben yesterday and he mentioned your partay. P.S. I loooove that you watch America's Best Dance Crew. Jabawockeez!!!!