Friday, March 21, 2008

Cool event tomorrow

River to River: Join Hands for Peace
Saturday, March 22nd 2008 Noon
New York, NY USA

5 years of war! On this sober anniversary, we will join hands to symbolize our unity in the call for peace and for funding our communities, not war! Join us to form a human chain on 14th St. from Ave. A to 11th Ave. in Manhattan, on Saturday, March 22. Bring your friends, your banners, your signs. We will stand, hands joined, from noon to 1:00. Then both ends of the line (at 11th Ave and Ave A) will march in towards Union Square with each block filling in as the march goes by.

We will converge near Union Square around 2:00 for a somber commemoration of the casualties of this immoral war.

14th Street. Manhattan 14th St. from Ave. A to 11th Ave. New York NY

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