Monday, February 04, 2008


Did you watch it? What fun! We watched it with a Giants fan, so that made it so much better. That and the five foot hogie that she bought for the three of us.

Me and Babe realized on the way home we've never lived in a city with a winner before. Like, when we were in Oakland, obviously the As and the Raiders never won, and I generally hate the Giants and the 49ers, but they never won either when we were living there. He grew up in San Diego and the Chargers never won. I had no team in Oxnard (of course). The whole time we've lived here, the Yankees haven't won the world series (or the Mets).

People were so excited! There were hundreds of people in the streets, shouting. AND! There will be a ticker tape parade. I want to go.


Randi said...

I think you should totally go! Take pictures!
W/B and draw.

drock said...

The giants and 49er's rule. Ruled? Will rule again!