Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Better outfit, better day

I do think if you wear something cute, your day has the potential to go a bit better. That's my prediction. I'll tell you how it goes. I'm wearing my Solana outfit, which is a super cute top & skirt with brown boots. It just reminds me of Solana, even though she's 4 feet 5 inches tall (Ha! Not really, huh Solana?) and I'm almost six feet tall.

Do you guys read your horoscope? I have mine on my igoogle homepage. Today, it's:
"Reassess your current relationships and reconsider how they fit into your personal master plan. You are very aware of an unhealthy situation now and realize that it isn't just as you like it. But hard work is more crucial today than any intellectual leap you could make. Your task isn't innovation; it's being more efficient."

It's freezing cold in NY today.

What a strange and messed up post for today. We'll see how long this stays up.

Nancoi, we'll have to discuss Bloomsburg over drinks. Can't put it all in writing - I think the events brought me down yesterday and today is no time for that.


Nancy said...

Call me~ As that gross old rapper once said "Let's Do it!"

Randi said...

That's kind of an odd horoscopo, Cod. GIMMEMINE!