Thursday, January 17, 2008

Used to feel like heaven

Hours and hours of meetings today.

I think I passed my thesis. Does this look like it to you?

Hi Prof. ________________,

I hope your trip to India was fantastic.

I've just heard from ____________ that she has a form for you to fill out which must be completed by Friday. This form would say that I "pass" and then would be able to graduate. Do you think you'll be able to sign off on that form by this Friday?

Thanks very much.

Dear Coodence (and ___________),
I'm not back in town yet so won't be able to fill out the form by friday. If __________ could fill it out for me that would be fine.




MIL said...


Randi said...

Mack of the YEAR!!! I would say not only "yes" but HELLS YES!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Next round's on me.

nanu said...

You go girl!!!!!
Congrats on this huge acheivement! I am taking you out HARDCORE