Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Today, I'll turn in my thesis. I hope this works!! It was maybe the hardest project I've ever worked on, because I just wasn't that into it, had no support from classmates or my department, and basically did the whole thing whilst working full time. Oh well, I hope it passes and I can check off that box. Then I'll be Master Squared just like I'm Indian Squared and all the world will bow down to me. Wait...that doesn't seem right...
You know what I don't like? Ugly boots.
You know what I do like? Those ads in the subway for the Veggie Tales pirate movie.
Speaking of movie posters in the subway, have you see the poster for Jessica Alba's new movie, The Eye? Well. Lucky for you, I can't find a picture of it on the WWW, but let me tell you. It's freaking gross.

Hello coodence!
Your Quit Date is: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 10:15:00 PM
Time Smoke-Free: 974 days, 7 hours, 7 minutes and 59 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 14614 - EWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lifetime Saved: 3 months, 21 days, 15 hours
Money Saved: $5,118.75
32 months. Maybe I'll finally lose those ten pounds I gained...


Randi said...

Indian Squared.
Master Squared.
World Domination.
Seems reasonable.

Drew said...

Congrats on the thesis. Golly, I remember when that thesis was just incubating in your head, not even a twinkle in your eye. My how the years have flown. sniffle