Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Restaurant Week

Every year - sometimes twice a year - me and the President Babraham Lincoln hit up NYC Restaurant Week. This winter was no exception. Friday, with work peeps, I dined at Jean-Georges Perry Street, which is located in those big glass buildings on the West Side Highway and has a Michelin Star. The food was tremendous - the atmosphere was so freakin fancy! I had cream of tomato soup that was to die for and a nice steak that sat on top of a bed of spinach and jalapenos. YUM.

Last night, Me and Babe and Nancoi and Jim (I need knickknacks for them - I sort of want to call Jim the Republican but don't want that to sound derogatory...think Cod, think!) hit up Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. Everything was delicious - from the cactus pear margarita to the corn bread to the cornmeal encrusted chili relleno. Plus, they had one of my favorite wines EVER on their list - the August Briggs Pinot Meunier, which Babe and I had once at Landmarc in Tribeca (one of the best restaurants I've ever been to). We even had a food network celebrity sighting - this guy was eating a table over from us. Too bad the service stunk - but I guess that's how it goes during restaurant week when they have to feed the masses.


Randi said...

Yeah that dinner sounds amazing. Could you call Jim "Jaime?" Or maybe since Jim is Republican you can call him and Nacnoi collectively the "Reagans?" Get it? Oh.

Nanu said...

LOL---I am not a Republican--I am not a crook!!!

One of the Food Network groupies said my boots were hott.

Mona said...

damn gina. get your restaurant week groove ON! you are on top of it. i also ate at perry. and had the same steak. best hangar steak i've ever had fo' shizzle.