Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pics from the holiday vacay

Here's Uncle Babe (ha!) teetering and tottering with the two little ones. So fun! Gorgeous San Diego weather - it was about 80 degrees. No joke!
This is me and Babe in perfect bliss. We are sitting in front of Spudnuts this donut place I used to spend oh I don't know every single Friday or Saturday night at when I was in high school. We would stop by and drink coffee and smoke cigarettes and be generally super loud high school kids. Anyways, this is me and Babe having just shared a donut with sprinkles while sitting in the hot hot sun.
This is the side of the house I grew up in. Pops planted that tree 25 years ago! Look at it now! Wow. My dad is awesome.
This is BFF driving to work as we are driving back down to San Diego. Look at her cute coche. I love it. Cindy and Omar's buddy dog named Cisco. He's so nice. And funny. And don't you want to just grab onto his face and smooch it?


Ang said...

I love dad's tree...Such great memories!

Jessica said...

Ah . . . I remember that house. Wasn't there a bedroom in that house completely wallpapered in NKOTB posters?

Randi said...

Uncle Babe.