Friday, January 18, 2008

Haiku Awesome Flowers Friday

Look at these flowers!
BFF sent them to me
cuz I am smart now!

Thanks for the support
helping me finish this thing.
It was not easy.

But its over now.
Now I can read, chill, and cook.
Feel pretty happy.


Randi said...

Good Lord Almighty!
Them's some big flowers, dudie!
But you deserve 'em
A hard working gal
Juggling school with real life
Partying and friends
Three cheers for you, Cod!
Now you are the most smartest
Go learn 'em something

ceedee said...

Congrats, Cod! I am so happy for you!
What a way to start off 2008!

MIL said...

how wonderful of bbf ! love the flowers too!!!

Ois said...

Congrats Coda-line....because you good enough, smart enough and Goddamnit, People Love You!!!!!

No go get pissed!

Ang said...

Beautiful flowers dude!