Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More thoughts on 2008

  • For me, this was the year of the vampire. I watched Buffy all summer, got sucked into True Blood, read the Buffy comics, read the Twilight Series, and the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Enough already!
  • This year, I went to Berlin and Prague. In the US, I went to Vermont, Phillie, Baltimore, Humboldt County!, the Bay, San Diego, Wisconsin, Glens Falls, Denver...I think that's it!
  • I went to three weddings.
  • I turned thirty-one.
  • I learned how to make pie.
  • I started the Brooklyn Wine Club.
  • I finally got a raise at work.
  • I had a pretty freakin good time just about every single day.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best of 2008 Volume I

More to come! How about you guys? Whats your best of??

Friday, December 26, 2008

Haiku Day After Christmas Friday

It's the day after
Christmas, and all through the house
people are chilling.
The shopping is done,
Santa is gone, every
thing is on clearance.
I'm still on vacay.
And will be for awhile.
Jealous? You should be.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost there!

Santa's almost here, kids. Are you super excited, or what?

I'm checked in for my flight, but this pesky work day stands between me and my flight to Denver, however. And it's not like I don't have plenty to do. Cuz I do.

There's still snow on the ground. Frozen rock solid and often times the color of pee. Sorry, but it's true.

We got a package from UPS the other day, but weren't there to grab it (pesky work again!) and now its in Maspeth, NY. Maspeth, huh? Reminds me of Sleepy Hollow.

Speaking of Johnny Depp, I watched a bit of Willy Wonka last night. It's a great movie. He's so weird.

Monday, December 22, 2008


  • It's fourteen degrees outside. Fo reals.
  • Babe and I hosted BWC and gave out ten bottles of wine.
  • I read two books.
  • Babe won four hundred dollars in his fantasy football.
  • I was spoiled rotten two times this weekend - had cookies at my friend's house, had dinner at another friend's place. Beautiful!
  • Did I mention that it is fourteen degrees?
  • We got two or three inches of snow.
  • Everyone admired my seven foot tree. I still owe you a picture!
  • Three days til Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Haiku Friday

Separated from
my cellular telephone
for a whole evening.

The mail room had it.
Thank God for those guys. They ship
my stuff and find phones.

I will ask Santa
for a holster so I can
clip my phone to me.

Happy Birthday, Baby Caroline!

The birthday girl & her big sister. They're so cute!!!!!!
Two today!! Happy birthday little niecey poo.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last night's big work party was a ho-down theme, with mashed potatoes and lynchberg lemonade. And champagne poured into mason jars. That's my kind of party.
Finished the first Sookie Stackhouse novel last night. Steamy, ridiculous and I loved every word of it. Already bought the next one.
NYC is funny at Christmas time. It's all chilly and decorated and there is fresh citrus to eat every day. Oh oranges in the wintertime. Thank you for your vitamin C.
Me and Ang cry all the time. Anyone who knows me and my sister knows that. Tuesday, it was snowing out, and I was walking to the subway. This homeless dude was begging in front of Ben's Pizza and I saw this NYU student skirt around him, and I thought it was because the guy was gross. But then I heard the NYU student say, "Sure, what kind? Pepperoni, plain?" and I started crying.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Free Burrito

Things I see when I look around my office:

A christmas card I need to send to orange...a coupon for a free burrito...The New Yorker...two calendars...a holiday card from my printer...a receipt for pizza I bought for a staff meeting...a check from a donor that needed to be deposited I need to mail...a box of kleenex...four plants...a banana...many pictures of babies...fortunes from old fortune cookies...a UPS tracking slip...the sound of music original gloves...a shitload of work waiting to be done.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I need love...

Is LL Cool J cheesy or dope? I love him, I'm just curious what others think.
The gift I received at the Christmas Party white elephant was much better than last year - a martini set with a shaker instead of squeezie tatas. (Or baconnaise, for that matter.)
Snowy rainy cold today.
Started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. They're rad.
Mass mailing today at lunch. The post office guy is going to love me.
PS: Work? Kicking my butt.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Since I last talked to you, I:
  • Attended two holiday parties, and ate a hundred cookies and fifty eight servings of enchiladas. (Numbers might be a slight exaggeration.)
  • Made fifty-five holiday mailings (cards and what-not) (that number is not an exaggeration).
  • Decorated one apartment with Christmas decorations (not my apartment).
  • Bought three tops on major sale at Macy's in Brooklyn.
  • Bought five oranges.
And happy birthday to Anonymous. I mean Dave.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Haiku Friday

Christmas images:
Washington square park, big tree,
lights out on the street.

Yesterday, I saw
a bum peeing on the street
in broad daylight. Yay!

Bought a book for a
needy kid. So easy. You
can do it, too. Try!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Do you guys do the hiring at your work? Anyone out there?

I do. And let me tell you, it is one of my favorite parts of the job but also one of the most challenging.

You have to sift through what feels like hundreds of resumes and make decisions based on very little information.

I have a few guidelines/tips that I have compiled over the years:
  • Spell my name right. You'd be surprised how many people who apply to work here don't spell my last name right. Seriously? How do you think that's gonna go over you facking nimrod. (Ooopsie!)
  • Proofread: If you have typos, you are out.
  • Act: Try to act like you have at least some relevant experience.
  • Experience: I don't care what you did in high school.
  • I don't care about your interests. (Dude, skiing? Why would that make me want to hire you? Leave them off.)
  • Make sure you get the name of where you are applying to correct. Again, I realize you're sending out hundreds of these. Let's try to focus here people.
I'll let you know how the search goes.

Dear Ms. Bahoolie:

I'd love to work at the Center for Justice and Security...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Misc. Wednesday Items.

  • Pacific Standard is just such a rad bar. It's much like Blind Tiger in its beer selection but not as crowded, and in Brooklyn. The vibe is mellow, the bartender is nice and the peeps there are pretty chill.
  • I wrote that first bullet point two hours ago. Oh work.
  • Amazing Race is one of the best shows on TV and if you didn't watch it this past season, you missed out.
  • It's December 10th, people. How are you doing on your holiday purchases?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What's grosser than gross?

Two gross things, which do you think is worse?
  • I was at Babe's Christmas party on Saturday night. Talking to one of his coworker's daughters. (She's like our age.) She was talking about her fiance who was at the party, basically explaining to us how he was so sick, he'd never been that sick before in the five years she'd been dating him, but she made him come anyways. "Let me introduce you," she says. She walks us over to her fiance, who is the sickest he's ever been in five years, he pops an appetizer into his mouth, reaches out his hand, and shakes my clean hand with his revolting-and-vile-just-touched-my-mouth-sicker-than-I've-been-in-five-years-hand. I immediately excused myself and went to the bathroom to wash my hands.
  • Yesterday on my way to work, I passed by Sakae Sushi on W. 3rd and there were two huge dead rats lying on their sides. Dead.
Which do you think is worse? My vote? The rats.

Monday, December 08, 2008


Since the last time I saw you, I:
  • Went to the sixth Christmas party at Babe's work.
  • Saw my first dance performance in NYC and gave it a perfect ten.
  • Read one book, twice.
  • Folded twenty-five cards for the holidays, but didn't actually do anything to them.
  • Trimmed my seven foot tree. Ha!
  • Couldn't believe that it was twenty-one degrees this morning.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Haiku Friday

Christmas party time.
Planning my work party and
going to big babes.

Not sure what to wear.
Babes is kinda fancy. So
is my boss lady's.

Have to think of a
gift for the white elephant.
Squeezie tatas? YES!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Things I want to do:

  • There's this exhibit at the Met that has artifacts from fourteenth century BC that were recovered from a shipwreck. Whats cool about this is that they are from like twelve different cultures represented in those artifacts found in the boat. Who knew you guys?? I want to go.
  • The other thing is this production of "Fraulein Maria" at Joe's pub. Here's a the review and you'll see why I want to go. Maybe it's just me, though, because Man oh Man, do I ever love the Sound of Music:
Doug Elkins’s “Fräulein Maria,” which will be performed this week and next at Joe’s Pub, is a parody of, and a love letter to, “The Sound of Music.” In “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” the demure Liesl, played by a large man in a pink dress, looks on, fascinated, as another man, Archie Burnett—even larger, and black—rips off his shirt and does a dance combining voguing and whacking (Burnett is a famous club dancer) with a great deal of ordinary lubriciousness, to show her how things are going to be when she’s seventeen. But this is not camp, or not of the one-note variety. Each dance is a jewel of choreographic invention and comic subtlety, and, this being a pub, you can have dinner while watching the show. (But don’t get a table too close to the stage. Last year, one of the performers, in mid-number, leaned over and sampled a spectator’s drink.) Elkins, a star of the nineties dance scene, folded his company in 2004. Right now, “Fräulein Maria” is all you can see of his work. Justly, its greatest number is his solo, in a hoodie, to “Climb Every Mountain.”

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Misc. Wednesday Items.

  • Finally saw No Country for Old Men last week. Pretty good stuff, dude. I can see why it won so many awards. Totally brutal. Carla Jean and Lou Ellen. They really picked some good names, man.
  • Yesterday, when I was pulling jeans out of the dryer, they were so hot that one of the buttons on the jeans burned my hand and now I have a wee welt there. How bout that, huh? Who knew drying could be dangerous? It makes me glad that the dryers are so hot, though. Been hearing a lot about bed bugs lately and that's all I'll say about that.
  • Been getting a lot of work done lately. How about you guys?
  • Babe's Christmas party is on Saturday. Seems early but its snot. (I wrote snot on purpose, just in case you thought it was a typ-o.)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wii Rock

I love my new Wii.

Yesterday, Babe and I played Tennis, Baseball, and Mario Brothers 3 for several hours. Before going to sleep, I watched Babe play Zelda for like thirty minutes.

Man. Zelda.

It's like watching an old movie you used to watch when you were a kid all the time again for the first time in your adult life. Maybe how I would feel if I watched Labyrinth again. (You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power! What power? The power of Voodoo...)

Monday, December 01, 2008


Welcome to your Cyber Monday. Since I last saw you, I:
  • Went to and from Philadelphia one time. Took one hour to go eight miles on Saturday, but got home in no time on Sunday.
  • Saw four friends who moved from NYC to Phillie in the past year or two. Admired both of their houses.
  • Got one WII and I could not be more excited. Already downloaded two games. Yay WII!
  • Started working on two Christmas presents for my nieces.
  • Took the president out for his birthday, where eleven of us enjoyed sushi, sake, and some deep fried bananas.
  • Had a beautiful four day weekend.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Haiku Happy Birthday To Babe Friday

Happy Birthday, Babe!
I hope your day rocks the house.
And that you eat pie.

And also sushi.
Since thats what you love the best.
And some chocolate.

Now, you're old like me.
Thirty one is good so far.
But still kinda old.

Happy Birthday, Babe!

You're so funny.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few things I'm thankful for:
  • Babe (hot husband).
  • Having two healthy and happy families to call my own (Babes and Mines).
  • My dear friends near and far (Can't list them here but you know who you are).
  • My rad apartment (Come and see).
  • A good ole job - particularly in this "crumbling economy" (the newest buzzword - or as Nancy puts it "rubble" circa 2001).
  • Living in NYC - the greatest city in the world (at least of the ones I've been to!)
  • That Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. Thank you everyone who voted.
  • The little free range turkey who gave up his life for me today.
I could go on but I'm really thankful for lots and lots and lots and lots of things. Hope you're having a beautiful day!

You be a pilgrim, I'll be the Indian. Have some pie.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Incredibly Bad Thanksgiving Poetry

Tomorrow, we're eating a turkey.
Hopefully it won't be dry.
And Jenny's bringing pumpkin cookies.
Not to mention Babe is making a pie.
Kind of nice to have dinner at home.
Sometimes me and Babe go roam.
Go to Paris, Tulsa or Amsterdam.
In a few years, we'll eat with the fam.
Very chill holiday this year.
I'm glad to stay near.
Nice thanksgiving to you all.
Go eat a lot, enjoy the fall.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Randi asked me to give my movie review and she is the boss of me, therefore give my movie review I shall. Don't you judge me, either. I had discount tickets.
  • For a teenage vampire flick this film lacked vampires.
  • For a teenage romance full of angst this film lacked romance and angst.
  • The vampires weren't scary, the teenagers weren't angsty, but the scenery was beautiful.
  • It was fine, really. But come on people. Vampires who can go out during the day? Hello. What kind of game are you playing at here??
  • Vampires who aren't scary but instead are glittery?
I think I finally got too old for the teenage horror romance genre, which has long been one of my favorites. Or maybe this was just a bad film?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ain't No Future in Your Frontin

If you know me, then you know I love this song. Tip your 40 for MC Breed who died today. Lyrics are here, you tube video here, and my favorite lyric here:

If I was the president, then I would state facts
You leave it up to me, I paint the white house black


This weekend, I:
  • Watched the California Golden Bears kick the snot out of Stanford in the 111th Big Game, with a score of 37-16.
  • Went to see a movie (one of the maybe two movies I have seen in the theater this year) that was made for tweens. Ha! I won't tell you which one.
  • Watched the last episode of the first season of True Blood. Ooooooowoooooo! I won't say anything I'm just saying. Jeeeeeeezus!
  • Saw hundreds of cans of food made into artful displays at the Canstruction exhibit down near the world trade. And took two cans of food to give to the charity who sponsored the event.
  • Watched one movie at Nina's - Forgetting Sarah Marshall - oh funny funny funny!
  • Made one pot of BarBQue chicken in the crock pot.
  • Bought a 10 pound turkey for Thanksgiving! Come over!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Haiku Friday

True blood has me hooked.
Bill Compton, get over here.
Sookie, you come, too.
Tyrannical week.
Work events, gala, wine club.
Can't I just lay down?
Big game this weekend.
Go Bears! You guys can do this!
Don't mess this one up.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sookie is mine

  • Finally getting caught up at work, yo. Damn! Too much to do, too little time.
  • Last week, I read Drown by Junot Diaz. It's a collection of short stories about both the Dominican Republic and parts of New Jersey. The stories were really interesting and fast reads, but also brutal. That's the thing about short stories, they are supposed to be memorable and they are supposed to cram a lot into one small space, but sometimes that means they are really harsh or really horrible. Like, this one: Thirteen Hundred Rats, by TC Boyle. You know just from the title it's going to be horrifying. And it is!
  • I have "Do the Hustle" stuck in my head. In other words, it sounds like Charlie's Angels is playing in my head.
  • Also, some good news on the Prop 8 front. Looks like the courts are planning to review the proposition which clearly denies equal protection to citizens.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night, I went to one of these work galas that people in non-profits often have to attend. I actually volunteered to work at the event and was a greeter, which meant that for two hours I stood there saying "Welcome!" "Hello!" "Right this way!" Frankly, I am an incredible greeter and know that I have a potential post-retirement career waiting for me at a Walmart in my neighborhood.

Anyways, what was totally different about this gala from any other I've ever been to was the entertainment portion of the event. This, I've never seen. They had Ashford & Simpson of songwriting and Solid, Solid as a Rock fame.

Who knew these aging R&B lyricists could still make it happen? Well they can, kids. People were on their feet!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


They're thinking of hiking the fares to $3.00. Still cheap compared to other people's subway systems, and still so much better than any other means of transportation, but another buck?

The reason I bring this up is that this morning I was trapped on the train for at least a freakin hour. There was a stalled train ahead of us and we all had to walk to the front of the train to be able to get off the train. Of course I was at the back of the train so it took some time to walk to the front. By the time I got there and was considering where to transfer (2,3 to 14th? 4,5 to where?) it was just a few more minutes until the train ahead of us moved. Then it was one of those painfully slow rides through the tunnels to work.

So yeah, $3,00?

Monday, November 17, 2008


This weekend, I:
  • Watched ten episodes of True Blood.
  • Watched my California Golden Bears lose 21-34 to the Oregon State Beavers.
  • Danced to Juan's music from the 90s at 87 Ludlow.
  • Took two cab rides.
  • Slept til twelve on Saturday.
  • Read two articles from the New Yorker.
  • Walked only two miles.
  • Gave one wedding gift three months after the wedding.
  • Roasted one chicken.
  • Made one pot of chili.
  • Made six corn muffins, and Babe made the other six.
  • Bought 25 Christmas Gifts!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Babe made me six dozen cupcakes. What a good husband.
The skulls were there, as usual!
Mirror image of the pad during a party.
Martha Stewart shot.
Peeps crammed into the pad!
Our party was super fun and super rad. I have to say - everyone had a great time, the music was old school, the food was totally devoured and the dance party was off the hook!
Thanks to all for coming out and celebrating both dead people and my birthday!

Dia De Los Muertos

Friday, November 14, 2008

Haiku November Forurteenth Friday

FYI - Christmas?
It's totally almost here.
Seriously close.

Been so scattered, man.
California, Baltimore,
elections, birthday.

Need to re-focus.
Trying out a new mantra.
"Just calm the fuck down."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

happy birthday Ma!

I love you so much.


Ever been? I'm off to Baltimore, Maryland in about 15 minutes. Be back on Thursday night - yah for changing plans and coming home one day early for my sanity and mental health.

Work? kind of hard.

Life? kind of rad.

Want to show you pictures! Want to tell you stories! Want to make plans to come over to your house and eat food you prepare for me!

I'll holler from Baltimore.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Oh Yeah, and Happy Veteran's Day!

Who gets this day off, I mean really? Not me!


I have returned from California - yesterday! It was such a beautiful trip and I had so much fun. But now, I am swamped at work and running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

I can't wait to tell you more!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Haiku Humboldt Friday

It's so sunny here.
I love California!
It's so wonderful.

Chilling with tootses.
First time being this far north.
The dogs are so cute.

Wiley Coyote,
Chleo Tuggle, the puggle
Are such awesome dogs.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Congratulations to us, to all Americans, on electing Barack Obama president of the United States! I once again feel proud to be an American and look forward to seeing this administration right the wrongs of the previous eight years.

Last night was incredible. I have never felt so happy and relieved about an election. Part of it, I think, was that I and so many people I know had a hand in making it happen.

I spent hours and hours and hours worrying about, discussing, debating, watching, listening and thinking about this election. I gave money for the first time in my life, did phone banking for the first time, and became more informed than I had ever thought possible. When, at 11pm last night, they announced his victory I could not stop the tears of joy from falling.
My enthusiasm is tempered only by the disappointment, humiliation and dismay over the imminent approval of proposition 8 by the great state of California. California, my home state and a place of great wealth, good ideas, and solid peeps is so riddled with hate, discrimination and fear that it would deny my brothers and sisters, equal to me in every way, the right to enjoy the personal freedom to marry their life partners. Words cannot express my sadness that this could happen in such an otherwise wonderful place. I hope that some day soon the government will enact a constitutional amendment granting gay people equal rights. That we should have to be at all sad on a day as great as today is almost too much to bear.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I waited for 1 hour and forty minutes to vote today. Vote even if you have to wait five hours. It is so important.

Please vote.

More on 8

Also, remember that proposition 8 is discrimination. It is a step backwards not a step forwards. People who have asked you to vote no on 8:

Discrimination is wrong. Vote no on 8.

Monday, November 03, 2008


More on the biggest & best party we've ever thrown later. For now! Halloween!!

The crew outside of Milady's.
Captian, Pirate, Waldo
Two boxes, beating as one.
Pirate and Golfer in front of Milady's
Rad Barbie.
The Baseball Furies!!! (Wimps!)
8 pound, 9 ounce, baby Jesus.
Mermaid & Captain.
Favorite costume.
She's a Di. A what? A di.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Haiku Halloween Friday

Happy Halloween!!
Hope you're having ghoulish fun.
Wearing a costume?

Coworkers made me
carrot cupcakes, pumpkin pie
and bought me candy.

Birthday party, soon!
So many festivities!
Yay for birthday fun!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Series, etc.

Had my board meeting this morning so that's a load off now that it is over with!
What's new with you guys, anyways? I feel like we never talk anymore. Ha!
Do you do the whole pumpkin carving thing? Me, not so much. I do love me a pumpkin though.
I have two pals running the marathon this weekend. Can you imagine? I cannot.
Did you guys see Will Ferrell as W on SNL last Thursday? Man that cracks me up.
So, congrats to the Phillies! I was rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays but in the end was glad the Phillies won. I mean I was happy for their fans who are long suffering. Next year maybe the Rays will go all the way. Or maybe the Yankees will actually make it to the playoffs.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Misc. Items

  • Was hit in the face by hail this morning.That's funny for October.
  • Saw the promo for Season five of LOST. Can't wait, man! It's been a long time!
  • I miss training for my breast cancer walk. I'm going to have to do it again!
  • Halloween is coming up - what are you going to be? What are you going to do? I swear, there are lots of things I don't understand in this world but peeps who don't celebrate Halloween - that I'll never understand. It's a holiday about dressing up and eating candy. Hello! What could possibly be wrong with that?
  • I've got my menu planned for my party on Saturday. So excited!
  • I also cleaned out my closet yesterday. Let me tell you, throwing away some of those clothes felt like getting new ones. You know what I mean? So liberated, dude. I had some big ass pants that are GONE forever!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last night

I was thinking about my first teaching assistant for my first class at UC Berkeley.

She was this horribly dumpy lady. My first paper was so shoddily written it wasn't even funny. She wrote on my paper that it wasn't even worth an F and I would never graduate from UC Berkeley. Nice lady, huh?

I saw her years later at the Bear's Lair (careful with that link if you have speakers!) and she had dropped out of her PhD program.

I always thought that was funny cuz I totally graduated and she didn't.

It's raining like crazy here today.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Sun!

Happy Birthday Sun. I love you so much it's not even funny.


Since Friday, since we last spoke, in the past three days, I:
  • Had two guests stay at my apartment for one night.
  • Played three games of pass the pigs.
  • Made 120 calls for Barack Obama and spoke with about twenty people.
  • Had nine people at my apartment to decorate forty-one sugar skulls.
  • Took part in the tail end of a birthday Brooklyn bar crawl and visited three Brooklyn Bars: the Brazen Head, Pete's Ale House, and Last Exit.
  • Bought six pounds of powdered sugar and made royal icing out of it so people could decorate their skulls.
  • Found that I only had three quarters and therefore could not do the laundry.
  • Watched part of two world series games - I guess the Phillies are the team to beat, huh??
  • Watched the California Golden Bears beat the heck out of UCLA by a score of forty-one to twenty.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Haiku Friday

Party prep weekend!
Decorating and planning.
Oh, and some painting.

Been crazy busy
at work this week. I guess its
job security.

Gorgeous fall weather.
Crisp and lovely, jackets and
cute boots. Yay New York!

Gratuitious Niece and Nephew Pictures

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Poor BFF. We're both just working throughout the day, throwing the occasional email back and forth. Not much thought goes into them, it's something to do whilst working away. You know the drill. Perhaps?

Well sometimes she says things and I get so irate back and she really doesn't mean anything bad by them at all. And I'm not really irate, really, I just let my mouth go and there you have it.

It sometimes has to do with the word "Luck."

Peeps loves to use that word and I don't like it one bit. Cuz I think being lucky has only a little bit to do with everything we end up with in life.

For example, I am not lucky that I have a good job. I have a good job because I have like a million degrees and I work my ass off.

I am lucky I was born in America, though, because that's just luck of the draw, right?

I don't think I'm lucky that I'm married to Babe. I think that was fate or destiny or just being in an awesome relationship that we both take very seriously, but I don't think it's luck.

I am lucky he didn't go to Cal Tech, cuz then I never would have met him.

Is that true? Do you guys feel lucky when you arrive at your desk in the morning? What a stroke of luck that I've landed in this position! Or do you feel you've earned it? What about sig others? Do you feel lucky you are in the relationship you're in or do you feel you've got something real going on that took a lot of time?

What's luck got to do with it anyways?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Dudes! I have to tell you about the haunted house that me, Nines, Babe and two others went to the other night.

Click the link - if you dare!!

So I was terrified to go to this. Seriously. Not so excited. I mean really scared. But I went because the birthday girl? She doesn't ask for much.

It was in fact really scary. I screamed and yelled quite a bit. And grabbed onto whoever was closest to me. It was totally messed up. But at the end, I felt great. All relieved and stuff!

Give it a try. It's scary but fun.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't you know...

Thanks to Yedi I have oldies going through my head constantly. The last two days it's been ... Don't you know that's the sound of the men...working on the chain gang...

The other day at the wine club I was playing the mix Yedi sent me that I keep referring to and "Then he kissed me" came on and all the girls screamed Adventures in Babysitting and sang the song.

So good.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Since Friday, since we last spoke, in the past three days, I:
  • Went to two birthday parties.
  • Drank two big German beers at Zum Schneider.
  • Made three lasagnas (and froze two).
  • Made eight bean and cheese burritos (and froze them all).
  • Walked six miles.
  • Drank two margaritas at Cafe Cubana.
  • Had twelve people and thirteen bottles of wine at my apartment.
  • Had one glass of wine spill and wreak havoc at said event.
  • Played two games of pass the pigs.
  • Had two houseguests for one night.
  • Gave a lecture to twenty-two undergraduates at NYU.
  • Sat in four hours of meetings.
  • Made a gallon of zero point soup.
  • Spent like two hundred dollars.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Haiku Friday

Haunted House last night.
Totally scary, but fun!
Screamed and laughed a lot.

Plenty of birthdays:
Nina, Jenny, Danielle, too.
Sunny's at the end.

Beautiful fall day.
Loving life and feeling great.
So much work to do.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


They were good. I was very proud of Barack Obama. If I have to look at McCain smirk, really ever again, I don't know what I'll do. He makes babies cry.

My ma's TV wasn't working so she had to listen to the debates on the radio, 1940s style. I must say, she won that round b/c she didn't have to view either McCain's horrible smirky smile nor his wide eyed surprise look. Practice that in front of the mirror much?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Randi did a presentation on our trip to Berlin and I think it is amazing. I also figured out how to publish a powerpoint on to my blog. I am a freaking tech wizard.

Kid's books

I'm reading a kid's book right now. "A Bone From Dry Sea," it's like clan of the cave bears without the strange sex.

I found it, of course. I'm like a book pilferer. Every time I go to someone's house it's the first thing I do - rummage through their bookshelf for something I haven't read. I'm cheap, too. I'm dying to read the new Jhumpa Lahiri book but refuse to spend money on books. That and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao are sure to be checked out of the library for months. Ha! I have my Dad's genes.

I asked for new music and got it. Yedi sent me and Babe literally hundreds of CDs. I've brought several to work today to get going on my listening. Thanks Yedi!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Even though I've clearly been on the Obama team for some time, and you couldn't pay me money to vote for someone who believes that dinosaurs and people walked the earth at the same time, I really needed some fundamental reasons why Obama was a great candidate as opposed to just not McCain. This article really helps. Read it!

Monday, October 13, 2008


What a gorgeous and beautiful weekend.

Happy hour on Friday was so fun - went to the crap bar MacDougal Ale house and moved up in the world to Blind Tiger Ale House for a last round. Had dinner with Babe at Baby Buddha, since Mama Buddha is now gone! If you love a restaurant, make sure to go when you can b/c otherwise? They get shut down.

Saturday took it real easy, cleaned the house, took a walk around beautiful Fort Greene, sat in the park, when for dinner at SJG's. Thanks, pal!

Sunday met up with our dear friends who don't have a catchy couple nickname for brunch at Cowgirl, where for some reason I thought screwdrivers were a good way to go. Left me a little out of it for the rest of the day. Got my Halloween costume, though, so I'm well on my way to victory!

You? What'd you do?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Haiku Friday

Already busy,
late on posting my haiku.
I guess that's life, huh?

What a week this was!
Next week will be doozier.
Again, this is life.

Stock market collapse,
dirty campaigns being run,
what will happen next?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Beastie Boys

I sure have been listening to a lot of Beastie Boys lately. I brought a couple CDs to work recently and put them on my ipod. They're so funny b/c they rap all about Brooklyn and NYC.
Poor Babe has such a big deadline at work, he's been working til like 9 every night.
Dude, what's up for the weekend man? For once I'm not either icing my face due to a fall/fight/glass to the face or walking mile after mile. What to do...what to do...
I may be back later to tell you something interesting. Don't hold your breath, though.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yay for Wednesday

What a busy week, huh? So far so good, just totally busy.
I failed in watching the entire debate last night. I feel like I've gone to class without doing the reading. A familiar position, to say the least. I will read the transcript and the editorials, I just couldn't deal with it. It sounds like a missed some pretty bad stuff.
Out of a nine hour day I have 6 hours of meetings.
Back to you, folks!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos

Happy Birthday Jessicurl!! I hope you have a beautiful day. I can't wait to see you for your boda in a month and a day!!!!!
Speaking of birthdays, Babe and I went to Vlada for Ruby's birthday on Friday night. (Ruby, do you mind if I call you Ruby? I think it's such a cute name.) Vlada - very hip, good happy hour, nice location, cute waiters. The party was really fun, though I could only stay a bit because as everyone knows I had to get up early the next day for the boob walk. But the real reason I'm talking about
this party because it is truly the first birthday party that I have been to where a celeb was present.

Is that true? Well, I've had friends who have dated celebs but none that I actually recognized.

This guy was at the party - and I was stolked, because not only is he a recognizable celebrity, but he is also Indian! Well played, Ruby. Well played indeed.
Debates tonight. Let's hope Obama kicks it up a notch and stops the lecturing for a minute to land a few zingers.

A few photos from the Boob Walk!

Monday, October 06, 2008


I did it!! I walked 39.3 miles to save the boobs. I'll give you photos tomorrow but for now, some impressions:
  • My feet hurt.
  • On Sunday, they gave us all pink balloons. Do you guys know how much I love balloons? It might be a little known fact that you actually don't already know about me. I love them. We were on 6th avenue and there were thousands of women walking down the street with pink balloons. What a sight to see!
  • 39.3 miles (a marathon and a half) takes 15 hours to walk. I got sort of dehydrated on Saturday so suffered some on Sunday but really enjoyed myself overall.
  • I think professional athletes must, in part, do it for the cheering. The people who cheered were tremendous!! They really gave you that extra push when you needed it.
  • Thanks so much to all of you who donated. I'll send out notes this week but I really just have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You guys rock.
  • Did I mention my feet hurt?
  • I really do love the color pink.
  • Lots and lots and lots of women have lost peeps to breast cancer. And a few men were walking solo for their moms and that really broke my heart a little bit.
  • This was a great experience and I plan to do it again.
  • I think that's all for now!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My goodness

Tonight is the debate. I hope Biden puts the smack-down on Palin. But I think it's going to be really, really tough. She's a maniac, first of all. Totally insane? You betcha!
My walk is day after tomorrow!! Heyy!! What's up FORTY MILES! Are you ready?? I know I am. Dude, I've been training for this thing for twelve weeks and talking about it for even longer. I'm so excited! 1,000 ladies walking for boobies this weekend. Hows that for a nice visual?
This is not a spoiler, but it's aboutProject Runway. When I said last week that I was glad Suede went home, I should have said but that doesn't mean I want Kenley to stay. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard, man. Can you imagine listening to yourself if you sounded like that?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Totally healing you guys. Your stories were tremendous. I love them all. Only I, however, know the truth and it actually involves a little bit of each one, from Bellinis & Martin Scorcese, to babies in baby carriages, to flying dogs and umbrellas to girls getting into a fight in an east bay classroom.
Welcome to October, lovers. And you thought this year was dragging by. Yeah right. When's the last time you felt like that? When you were 11? Fall is here, birthdays and Halloween and whatnot. I have no idea what my costume should be, but as usual stakes are high. It's on a Friday night this year, you know. Good lord.
No post season baseball in NYC this year. What snore.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I like to bring you these clips in case you haven't seen them. The Huffington Post did the work for us - watch these clips to see how Tina Fey is actually using direct quotes from the Katie Couric interview.

We. Are. In. Trouble.

What really happened or You Should See The Other Guy!

So I was walking home Friday night, slowly and in no rush, when we see this little old lady walking her tiny, tiny puppy. Some huge lady runs up, grabs the dog and runs off. Quickly, giving no thought to my own safety, I launch my umbrella at her like a Ninja Star. She goes down, freeing the puppy. But she's not down for long. She jumps up, charges toward me and I stick out my foot to trip her. She takes me down with her and I fall on my face. She, however, is knocked out unconscious on the sidewalk and I walk away.


It was a bar fight. Some chick was hitting on my man and I beat her up, but not before she got a couple of good swings in.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Poor me!!

Dudes, I totally tripped and fell on the way home from the debates on Friday night.

Bam. One of those tree trunk sidewalk dealies where the sidewalk is all uneven steven. Too bad I landed on MY FACE. Well I landed on my knee and shoulder first and just a bit on my face, but it looks pretty bad.

I look battered and bruised.

I am working from home today. Because I feel as though my face is too distracting to take to the work place.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Haiku Rainy Day Friday

I think I'm being
Stood up this morning. Coffee
Date is a no show.

Hitting up peeps for
the skinny on big events.
Galas and what not.

Rainy wet weekend.
Should be a joy to walk in.
The boob walk looms large.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Best line of the campaign so far, except maybe that lipstick/pit bull one, is that a president ought to be able to multi-task.

Ha! I think so, too.

That guy who is running McCain's campaign - Schmidt, or whatever, the guy who looks like Mr. Clean - is really winning. Every time they do this kind of crazy media stunt the Obama people are left scrambling, with "hastily planned press conferences." Get it together Obama Camp. You're our only hope.
In other news, Cod is glad that Suede is gone. Cod will not miss Suede.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do you want to know what I think?

  • I think if you're going to open a bar on Fulton and Greene and be all fancy about it, and if your bartender is going to have attitude, then you should probably take your ass back to Manhattan and open your little bar there. That's what I think. We checked out No. 7 last night on Fulton and Greene and it was a very pretty space with some lovely looking people and $10 drinks and ironic music playing and a lot of people wearing flannel and frankly? Just not enough to show for it. If you're looking for fancy Fort Greene, stick the The General Greene at this point and wait until No. 7 works the kinks out.
  • Oh! And? Last night I was awakened by a blood sucking parasite sucking juice out of my brain. Seriously. A mosquito was eating my face and I killed it. Gross. Didn't sleep too well after that.
  • Take this poll - it's one question. Click the link. It asks if you think Palin is qualified to be the VP. Somehow 50% of the votes say yes. I don't know who they are asking but it's not you guys.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yonkers. Ha!

It appears that some of you haven't gotten your essays in, on what you did this summer. That's fine but it's no way to start the school year, children.
One of the reasons I like my job is because there is so much different stuff to do all the time. From working on one project to coordinating groups of people, to fund raising, to event planning it's all there. But sometimes? When I look at my list and there are 15 different things to do and all of them are different, I sort of wish I was a one trick pony. That all I had to do was one type of thing.
My legs are officially hurting. After the 13 mile jaunt on Saturday (down Broadway, awesome!), and then a follow up 5 mile on Sunday, and the usual 4 mile on Monday, these legs need a break. A rest. An ottoman at my desk.
Babe's in Yonkers today. Ha! Yonkers. That still cracks me up.
It's almost birthday season, children! Jessicurl, your's is coming up, right? Got about 10 people at work who's birthday is in October, too, plus Nine's. Then of course it's November where we celebrate, among others, the birth of Me and Babe. Amen.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Summer Vacation

This summer, I:
  • Hosted guests from all parts of the globe. Or just all parts of California. From the rolling fields of Fresno, to the beautiful beaches of San Diego, to the tangled freeways of the East Bay people ventured to our apartment in Brooklyn for a vacation.
  • Went to a wedding in beautiful Vermont.
  • Drove to Wisconsin for Babe's work retreat.
  • Walked hundreds of miles in preparation for my Breast Cancer Walk on October 4th & 5th. Still time to donate!
  • Drove up to Glens Falls to check out the familials.
  • Saw two of our lovely friends be wedded at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
  • Went to Denver for a visit to the familials, drank about 50 different types of microbrews.
  • Went to Cali for a fantastic week of chilling, walking, and beaching.
What did you do this summer?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Haiku Friday

Walking down Broadway
tomorrow. Urban hiking.
Only two weeks left!

Takin it easy
tonight with the Big Cheese, Babe.
Been a busy week.

BFF's brother
is getting hitched this weekend.
Too bad we can't go.

What I did this summer

Fall begins on Monday, you guys. Are you ready? Are you ready to report on your activities of Summer 2008?

Get ready, because reports are due, with pictures and hyperlinks.

For now, though, enjoy these last few days of summer. If there is something you wanted to do, but didn't get a chance to, you still have one weekend.

If you'd rather sit at home and worry about the colossal collapse of the stock market and finance industry or the impending elections, that's okay too. I mean it is your last weekend of summer after all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm trying to get into True Blood. I think I'll probably like it - because of my affection for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, maybe? - but so far, I'm not so stolked. I've gotta say, Anna Paquin kinda freaks me out in a Juliette Lewis sort of way. I mean, don't get me wrong. She's cute and everything. It's just the whole southern accent, teeth with gaps in them. Sort of a Juliette Lewis in Cape Fear thing going on there.
Also, what's the deal with Entourage? It's just not grabbing me yet this season. I suppose part of it is that if I was interested in watching a show about an out of work actor, I'd...wait. I'd never be interested in watching a show like that. I could just go to a bar or a restaurant and stare at my waiter. Get it together, man. The reason the show is good is cuz he's rich and famous, drives around in a hummer and gets lots of girls. Do I have to write these episodes myself??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Dude, I love reading magazines. I love getting them in the mail, I love perusing them on the subway, love looking at the pictures. I work very hard not to get too many magazines, because then you just end up feeling guilty. You know what I mean by the guilt? I have subscriptions to: The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and Vanity Fair. Not bad, right? Not too many, not too few.

New York Magazine is pretty annoying. Like I like reading it but they are so out of touch with my reality sometimes it's a little crazy. In any event, they cover all sorts of stories interesting to NYers.

However, this morning I began to question who else is reading NY Magazine. I was reading the letters to the editor (easily my favorite page in any magazine) and found this, in the magazine's round up of online comments:

"Every woman I've talked to is enthralled to the point of tears that Palin is on the ticket. I've not seen this level of excitement in politics ever!"

Um, I'm sorry. Who? Enthralled to the point of tears? Maybe because of misery. Who are these people talking to???

Monday, September 15, 2008

Watch this!


Dude! The financial world is going to hell in a hand basket. It feels a little like when the dot com bubble burst, but since this is the finance industry which has been around for a couple of hundred years I think it's much, much, much worse.
Me folkses just left. Bye Mom and Dad! Man, was it ever great to have them here!! Talk about a good feeling. They loved the pad (of course!) and loved our neighborhood and loved their visit. Yesterday, we toured the hood, showed them some of the historic houses (including the Graham Home for Old Ladies), took them to the Habana Outpost, and just around. My dad made his popular chicken curry (delicious!) and me and my ma made an apple pie out of the apples they had picked up in Glens Falls. That pie is delicious. Saturday, my parents took the red sight seeing bus around the City, and I walked over the Williamsburg bridge and then home. Watched the California Golden Bears get their asses handed to them by Freakin Maryland. Good lord.
Overall I have to say a total success.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hiaku Friday

Dear friends, it's Friday!!
We totally made it, yo!
The weekend is here.

What a nice work week.
Solid and interesting,
not overly hard.

Cal football and folks
on my agenda, plus a
wee birthday party.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mets, Mobile, and Misc.

  • Mets: went to the Mets game last night. Probably the last time I'll be in Shea Stadium. It was a fun game, lots of scoring, and base stealing. Went with a group of 17 so we did our own wave. Just kidding. Baseball season is wrapping up (for some of us!) so now I'll have to find something else to do with my time. What a life, huh? I swear I go out and do cultural things, too...
  • Mobile: my phone is still messed up. I've now spoken with half a dozen Sprint agents and will have to go to the Sprint store today or tomorrow. No joke, the Sprint store is a peculiar form of punishment not for the faint of heart. I hope I come out alive.
  • Misc: my calendar at work tells me today is Patriot Day. Oh really? Patriot Day? What do we do today? Eat freedom fries, hang American flags, and whistle the star spangled banner? Maybe.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh yeah!

Your Quit Date is: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 10:15:00 PM
Test Time Smoke-Free: 1218 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes and 22 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 18274
Lifetime Saved: 4 months, 19 days, 14 hours
Money Saved: $6,399.75

A couple of questions

  1. Could the weather be any more gorgeous today? No seriously, could it? I really don't think so.
  2. My parents are here. Could I be any more pleased?
  3. I'm going to a mets game tonight. That's nice. I like baseball. I wish the Yankees were winners though instead of losers.
  4. Number three wasn't a question, was it?
  5. Do you think a pig is a pig if you put lipstick on it? Wait, what?
  6. Are you registered to vote? If not, you should be.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I spent at least an hour last night on the phone with Sprint because my blackberry won't receive or send emails. What's the point of that, huh?

They didn't fix it, by the way. They've "escalated my call" and "opened a ticket" so someone will apparently take care of it. At some point.

How do I love thee Sprint? Let me count the ways.

I'm tired today.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Absolutely beautiful

That would be the best way to describe the weather today and yesterday. Hurricane Hannah blew all the nasties out of here and the weather is stunning. Babe and I cruised all over Greenpoint & Williamsburg on Sunday. Totally checked out some inclusionary zoning on the waterfront. Also checked out this wonderful little beer garden Radegast Hall & Biergarten in Williamsburg. It was a great spot to chill and unwind after walking for miles and miles.

Had a succesful and fun dinner party on Saturday night. Nice to have dinner inside whilst a storm is raging outside.

My plants are thriving in my office. There is so much light!

My folks are coming tomorrow. That will be lovely and fun.

Whats going on with you guys? I feel like we never talk anymore. Hahahaha. Just kidding.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Haiku Friday

Funny how we think
the summer must be over
because school started.

We've got a full month
of heat and humidity
for our enjoyment.

Ninety degree temps
this week and hurricane rains
this weekend. Awesome.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Apparently the graphic stops changing when you reach your goal - but I'm still raising money! Now more than $2000! Wow. There's still time, too, if you want to donate. I've walked so many miles during my training, and seen so much of NYC. Wow. Who knew I would ever know the streets of chinatown so well?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This election sure is funny. Well, maybe not so much funny as a crazy media circus chock full of surprises! But man, the editorials and commentary are so worth it.

A pal sent me this funny fake Sarah Palin blog, which you might get a kick out of. Should I have pretended it was real? Oh well. The jig is up.

I'm still reading Kay Graham's Personal History, which is one of the best books I've ever read. How's that for a guarantee? It's a show stopping number.

And you? What are you reading? What's your favorite blog for getting political coverage? I could use some new fodder.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So many things going on, huh? What a busy time! We've got new VPs to discuss, labor day weekend travels, new beer gardens to review, and I even saw a movie I forgot to tell you about!

I'll start with some snippets and we'll see if we can't make this week a good blogging week. "We'll see."
  • Dark Knight - I finally saw a movie. Are you proud of me, or what? I thought it was pretty good. I like the special effects and I of course thought the Joker was amazing - really one of the scariest villians ever to be seen on the big screen. I thought the movie was a tad long and couldn't really deal with the whole Batman gravelly voice thing. Not for me, kids. Not for me. But overall I say thumbs up!
  • Went to the Franklin Park beer garden on Labor Day to check it out. They have a good happy hour and a nice crowd of people. Sort of a random spot - more industrial space less garden-y, but we had a good time.
  • I heard a woman on the light rail in Denver say: "That VP Pallin - I love her! She's a gun toting woman, that's my kind of lady." So, in case you're wondering why McCain would pick a relatively unknown woman for his running mate, it could be the whole NRA thing. At least partly.
  • I'll have to tell you more about COLORADO a little later, but we really had a great time and saw lots of things in the few days we were there. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera but it was really beautiful.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

just because she's a woman...

I received this on facebook today and thought you might dig:
Let's make this clear: It is a historic victory for ALL women that Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, has become the first woman to ever appear on a Republican presidential ticket. We congratulate her and applaud the addition of another female voice to the national political debate.

HOWEVER, just because Sarah Palin is a woman does not mean her policies and politics are good for women. In fact, she fits in quite well with More of the Same McCain and the neo-conservative base of the Republican party.

Sarah Palin is anti-choice and a member of the anti-choice Feminists for Life, opposed to gay marriage, in favor of capital punishment, a card carrying member of the NRA, in favor of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and a favorite of Rush Limbaugh himself. This is not change - it's just more of the same.

John McCain obviously thinks American women are stupid - that women are interchangeable and that they vote on the. basis of sexual anatomy alone. His pick is more tokenizing and sexism from the Republican Party. We want a president and vice president who offer more than failed policies and empty promises.

Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden both have solid records on the issues that are important to American women; they are both solidly pro-choice, they support equal pay and responsible sex education, and environmental legislation that will protect our children from big oil companies. There is only one ticket that stands up for American men and women this election season: Obama/Biden 08.

Friday, August 29, 2008

haiku friday

Watched Obama speak
He went for the jugular.
No McCain, no way.

Now we're in Denver.
Looking for the delegates.
Or just hanging out.

Last night, saw the speech
From harlem. I have to say,
Kinda poetic

Thursday, August 28, 2008


It's Friday for me, because Babe and I are off to Denver tomorrow to see the folkses. That will be lovely and nice. Just have to make it through today. Work sure has been crazy lately. Lots of proposals due and crazy people asking me questions at all hours of the day. Well, maybe just during the work day.
Tonight I'm ready to be WOWed by Barak Obama's speech at the DNC. I'm walking up to Harlem to get a few extra miles in. Still training for the Boob Walk (you can still donate if you haven't!) Been walking home from work at least twice a week, which is a nice four mile walk, over the Manhattan Bridge. I dig it, but I still need to update my music selection.
Going to walk at high alitudes this weekend at the folks's house. Or just use the elipticle. Ha!!
Is that really how you spell elipticle? Wild.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last night's speech

was so good.

totally slammed at work, but just wanted to give a shout out. It was incredible!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old Skool

I received a written thank you note today from someone I had over for dinner the other weekend. How's that for awesome? I'm going to start leaving my calling cards for people.
Yesterday I had a funny, Seinfeld like footrace with this woman on the Manhattan Bridge. We must have passed eachother no less than 4 times each on that bridge which is only a mile long. She won, in the end.
Tried making my friend's Chicken Adobo recipe last night. It was good, but not great. When she made it I couldn't stop talking about it for ages. Last night, I only talked about it for a few minutes.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Today is my niece's first day of kindergarten! How bout that huh? Do you remember your first day? I think I remember mine but it might be that I just remember because there is a picture of it. How excited. The kindergarten is just a block from their house which is sort of the way things ought to be. My kindergarten was also a block from my house. Marina West in Oxnard California. There you have it.
Had a beautiful weekend at D&B's sister's place in Point Pleasant. I do have a picture of the view which I'll give you soon. It was so beautiful - in-ground pool, hot tub, right on the water with a pier. Absolutely the height of relaxation. I literally sat in the jacuzzi (cajuzzi) for an hour on Sunday, reading. We also checked out the boardwalk with it's somewhat famous Tiki Bar, where they feature the should-be-famous screwdrivers, made with fresh squeezed orange juice. I recommend.
So, Joe Biden, huh? Alritey then.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Haiku Friday

Obsessed with walking.
Cuz it's all I ever do.
Good weather for it.

Need some maintenence.
Manicure and pedicure.
I'll go during lunch.

No plans this weekend.
Just hanging out in Brooklyn
Should be really nice.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Vacation Momentos & Why the Olympics DO rock, despite all the annoying Bob Costas Moments

My nephew Ben is a professional tricycle rider at the age of 3. He can both go forward and backward.
That's the ocean in my hometown Oxnard California.
That's Randi and Dr. Brad's puppy. Isn't she sweet? That's Randi's pillow she's laying on, BTW.
This is a pig I met at the mall. His toes are painted pink. My five year old niece Nava said, "I was very disappointed to see that pig at the mall." You weren't the only one Nav. Ha!

The three amigos! And beach volleyball is the reason that the Olympics totally rock despite all the crying athletes and the annoying moments featuring Bob Costas.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well thats two count them two days in a row I've gotten here before 8:30. What's come over me? I think its just California time. Ha!
We ate at The General Greene in our neighborhood in Brooklyn the other night. It had the best review I've ever read from NY Magazine, so we decided to give it a try. It's also right down the street.

It was delicious. I'm not sure if it was as hype-worthy as the magazine suggested, but it was delicious. I wondered if it was surprise that led them to such a stunning review - a restaurant this good on Dekalb? Perhaps.

Either way - I've got two words for you: Candied Bacon. Like the sound of it? You'll love the way it tastes. This restaurant is a small plate type of place so you get to order a lot of things and share them. Super fun, because you get to try so many things. We had:
  • a salad made of edamame, asparagus and mint. YUM!
  • a twice baked potato (hello candied bacon, my old friend.)
  • Red couscous with walnuts and something else.
  • the steak with chimichurri sauce.
  • the baked beans (skip em, they weren't that good).
  • the deviled eggs. (for free b/c we had to wait so long for our table. Thanks a lot NY magazine!)
  • ooh my favorite - an iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese and, yup, you guessed it, candied bacon.
  • the prawns (I didn't eat them.)
I'd say go. Check it out. It's worth it and it wasn't that expensive. You go DeKalb!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation Momento

How much do I miss Cali?
Let me count the ways...

I'm back

Let the regularly blogging resume!

I'm back to work - I have a new office and a new desk. Everything looks nice but I have no idea where anything is and I'm using someone else's computer.

They did a nice job though moving my stuff. Looks much better than if I had dome it myself.

I have so much to tell you! So many things to share. Recipes, restaurant and movie reviews, long winded discussions about books you're never going to read and that you maybe even haven't heard of. Are you excited? Good. You should be.

Now I have to get back to work.

Friday, August 15, 2008

haiku all over the place friday

Leaving the retreat.
Ready to chill in brooklyn.
Be with big ole babe.

Happy birthday to
Omar! Hope your day is great!
Maybe we'll hang out?

So behind on stuff!
Emails, phone calls, finances. I need some calgon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

san diego

I have learned a thing or two about San Diego while I've been here. What better place to tell you about them than the San Diego airport?

*San Diego loves the Foo Fighters. Every day on multiple stations you can hear them.

*San Diego really does have the best weather in California. Look- I have lived all over Cali and I can tell you. This is the best. Cool breeze and hot sun along with zero percent humidity. What more could you ask for?

*San Diego loves the military. Semper Fi Highway? Need I say more?

*I have also learned that I love San Diego. Love it.

*Regular blogging will resume next week folks - thanks for sticking around through the break.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ben Ben!

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Ben Ben!!! I love you so much.

And, happy birthday to little Scooter too!