Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Weather, Subway, and 1 more weird thing

Weather: The wind is blowing forty miles an hour. This makes it impossible for me to make phone calls during my commute (walking from one place to another) so sorry if you've called me and I haven't returned your call (Jessicer) it's because of the fucking gail force winds. Oops. Sorry about that F bomb.

Subway: I had to let 4 trains go this morning because they were so crowded. Then some guy in Timberlands stepped on my toe. Hard. Then some East Coast Chola said "Excuse me, your bag is hitting my back." OMG then move.

One more weird thing: 1) I always confuse the word elevator with umbrella. So, I'll tell Babe not to forget his elevator when its raining. Poor Fishie.


Randi said...

Did you tell that East Coast Chola that she shouldn't fuck with you because you're from Oxnard?
805 for life!
Nard Core!

Jessica said...

Ditto Randi's comment.

Jeffrey said...

Hang in there C-note...sometimes you need the crap days to fully enjoy the good ones....I'm now thinking of getting nard-core tattoed on my neck-