Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sup, G?!

Lucky me and Babe. We moved to Brooklyn and have a huge apartment with a Christmas Tree and views of Manhattan's skyline.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Know what train we rely on? The freaking G train. Know what happened last night? We left Nina's at 10:30 - totally reasonable! Took the 7 train to Long Island City/Court Square to switch to a G. That was 11:04. Okay, not great but not too shabby. We waiting for 20 minutes then Lo! A train approaches! Except it was the freaking TRASH train! So the G train finally got there at 1145. GRRRR. We got on, there were two drunk guys singing behind us and a homeless dude stinkin in front of us. Fine. They're allowed to sing and he's allowed to stink.

So, I watch rats scurry by on the platform, waiting for the G train to leave. It leaves and the conductor says, there is only one line on this G train right now, so we have to wait for the other train to pass us before we can keep on going. And, this train only goes to Bedford/Nostrand, where a shuttle bus will pick you up and take you rest of the way.

A freaking shuttle bus? At midnite? Nice.

Got home at 12:30. Cuz, apparently Nina lives on Long Island and I just didn't know.


Randi said...

Oh. No.

Anonymous said...

DUDEs - if you lives in hoboken, this would just never happen...subways...whatever to them.

Drew said...

Wow, you hit the subway triple crown - a fake-out train going by, sitting on the training waiting but not moving, and having to take a shuttle bus.

m.i.l. said...

and now you know why we would rather live in Denver! none of that fancy transportation for us!ha-ha

Jessicurl said...

The trash train is the single worst sight for sore eyes ever.

Michele said...

At least you didn't have to go to the bathroom while waiting. Now THAT's the worst!