Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm thinking of talking politics one day a week on this blog. Not all serious crazy style, but I do think I ought to give some political viewpoint and offer some of my thoughts as we are now in the year leading up to the race. Let's table that discussion for now, though, and just percolate on the idea a bit.
How bout that hail storm on Saturday night, huh? Nothing like getting shot in the forehead with hundreds of tiny ice cubes.
White Elephant is the most hilarious party game ever invented. Too much? Maybe. Popular items at the gift exchange I was at on Saturday night were:
  • A bottle of Patron (which I had my hands on for all of 2 minutes.)
  • The Clue board game.
  • Superbad, the DVD.
  • Pass the pigs (guess who brought that!)
Items that were not so popular?
Props to the hosts, though, as that Christmas party was clearly the best we went to.

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