Thursday, December 13, 2007

burning question

How many fewer calories does an egg white and cheese on a toasted roll have than a regular egg and cheese?

Either way, it's delicious.


MIL said...

1 whole egg approx. 88 calories
1 egg white approx. 16 calories
this info is from an old 1969 calorie book i have.

Jessica said...

I was gonna say 40 . . . the info above is probably more accurate.

Randi said...

Get down, MIL with your factoids that are as old as my parents' marriage. Niiiiice.

Drew said...

A book only has 1969 calories?


Jessicurl said...

Too bad you already your answer because this is one time my curse of having once memorized the calories in everything would have come in handy.