Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Reality TV

After months of complaining that there was nothing good on TV, TV is coming back with a vengeance.

With my recently purchased DVR, I get to enjoy so much more TV without having to rush home and turn it on.

Dudes, I've got to say this season of Survivor is hearkening back to the older seasons. Ever since they did the survivor Race war, they've had way more people of color on the show. Huge thumbs up. I like a little diversity. You all know that. So this season is great so far.

And then there's the Amazing Race. So far, so good! Just one night and the first team to get kicked off were so stinkin lame I was glad they got the boot.

Oh! And Kumar is guest starring on House right now! I have a not so secret crush on Kal Penn and I freakin love having Indian people on TV. Bring it!

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Anonymous said...

And to would have probably picked the team that got kicked off the race as your overall selection if history were to repeat itself! lol