Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Monday

Hey you guys. I'm having a hard time getting into work this AM. Just sat through a 2 hour meeting that made me a little sleepy. Need to focus - get it together man.

This weekend was very chill, with a happy hour Friday night and then on Saturday hung out in Brooklyn.

Checked out the Smoke Joint in Fort Greene for some pretty delicious barbque. Had a drink at Mullane's - they had $3.00 Miller Hight Life - the champagne of beers!

Went out at night to Frank's Lounge, which, as the website says, really might be the best club in Brooklyn. Hit up a freakin super cute bar called Cherry Tree on 4th Ave. Definitely worth a re-visit! Then, too Cattyshack to listen to a friend spin music and hang out.

Last night took a train up to Harlem which for the first time since I moved to NYC felt far. Had the best mole I've ever had. Thanks Joaquin! And learned a new salsa recipe. Also watched the Amazing Race - SO GOOD - and played WII. I want one.

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