Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Misc. Items & Park Slope Bar Crawl #3

Congratulations to the LA Dodgers on getting Joe Torre as a manager. You guys are Lucky.
Went out on Saturday night with Sashie and Scott and Babe and Mr. Pumpkin. We totally went to Prospect Park (first time, bitches!) and checked out some fall colors. Have you been to Prospect? It is as big (bigger than?) as Central Park, but when we were there, there weren't very many people. It was really lovely (pics to come!).

We then went to Biscuit BBQ for a snack and a drink. We shared a pulled pork plate with a couple of sides (MMM Macaroni & Cheese and Candied Yams), then a few biscuits. MMM Biscuits.

Drank a delicious beer, but now I can't remember what kind it was.

Refreshed, we headed out to do some window shopping on Fifth Avenue.

We were making our way down to the Stone Park Cafe, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. We stopped at multiple bars including The Gate, the one across the street from Commerce Bank, and a newish Scottish Bar, where Mr. Pumpkin joined us.

And maybe one more? They were all pretty divey, and we just had a beer at each, but man oh man did we have a good time.

Stone Park Cafe was absolutely delicious. We started with this warm spinach salad, butternut squash soup with little pieces of green apple on top, and shared a plate of Bone Marrow. You got it. Bone Marrow. MMM so salty.

For dinner, me and Sashie each got a Steak, Babe got the salmon, and Scottie got the Scallops.

The wine was flowing and the aperitifs sealed the deal.

Definitely recommended. The people who worked there were super nice, too, and even gave Mr. Pumpkin a drink, though he was totally surly and unreasonable by that point.
What a great place to end the night. But no, we are people of excess and not moderation.

So we went to Junior's to pick up a cheesecake, walked home on Dekalb, and stopped into Alibi for that fateful one last round. Who orders a glass of wine as her last round? Oh me, that's who.

Out of 10, I'd score the night a 50.

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Sasha said...

oh lovins this is a fantastic recount! i also would score a 50. i had such a wonderful time with you!