Friday, November 30, 2007

Haiku FlashBack Friday

Thanks, dearest Jojo,
for reminding me of times
just twelve years ago.

When Babe and I were
eighteen years old and his hair
was my favorite.

And look at that rose.
He took me across the bay.
We had so much fun.


Randi said...

If I wasn't at work I would be calling you screaming!!!!

Ang said...

Hahahaha...Too funny dude!

Jessicer said...

Oh my god, these are awesome. I am getting teary, especially at the last photo. I am also shedding tears over your poofy velvet hap, but for entirely different reasons.

Jessicer said...

I meant CAp, not Hap. Oh my god, so 90s!!!!!

Sam said...

That is old school...Sideshow Bob, baby......

G said...

holy HAIR!