Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So many photos!

Virgin America - pretty nice way to fly. So not as much leg room as Jet Blue, but they have a pretty neat system for purchasing food and drinks, which you can do from your seat. Also, our flight was delayed on Sunday (surprise, surprise) and they gave us all free food & drinks. And you can IM peeps in different areas of the play, which is pretty freakin funny I think.
Me and Chachi preparing for a weekend in San Francisco!
Get a load of this fancy courtyard that was in the middle of our Good Nite Inn near the San Francisco Airport. It must have been nice when things had character and they put special touches into hotels, as opposed to now when everything looks the same.
Me and my gals.
The godfather and little Sisi.

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Randi said...

Purple airplane pics are rad.