Thursday, October 18, 2007

Haiku Friday!

Just kidding you guys! But it's my Friday because today I am off to Derek & G's wedding in sunny, beautiful, California!!!

I've been meaning to give you some photos from my last trip, so here!
Family picture at the baptism
Jojo and Sienna
The Godfather
Cod & Sienna
Freakin cute San Francisco.
Chorizo & eggs, with beans and rice.


Randi said...

The Godfather? I thought Babe was The President? That man holds many honorable titles.

Toots said...

I love chilequiles and pink houses and flowers...I also loooooove your's the best one in the whole world!!!! Welcome home, I'm glad you got back safe, I miss you already, woe to me. You're awesome!