Monday, September 17, 2007


I'd say it was a good weekend as far as these things go. Babe spent most of the weekend studying and I finished re-reading the Harry Potters. I feel like my summer is officially over. It was great to re-read them and I think they are all super good.

I'm still a little caught up in them, to tell you the truth. I broke a glass this morning and said "Reparo" but it didn't fix.

Just kidding.

I watched a freakin lot of sports this weekend. Surprisingly (maybe not for you) the Packers kicked the poop out of the Giants, that was fun. The California Golden Bears knocked the pants off of Louisiana Tech. The Yanks won two out of three against the Red Sox. I feel pretty darn good about coming to work this morning.

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Ois said...

Yuck the Fankees! I still can't believe Cood, of all people, is a fan of the equivalent to the Microsoft of baseball, the New York Fucking Yankees. At least like the Mets, come on! Fuck Jorge Fuckhead Steinfuck, Derek Jackass and Gay-Rod. Go Dodgers!!! Go Tigers!!! And go SOX!!!!!!