Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An open letter to American Airlines

To: American Airlines
From: Me

Re: Your business

I'm totally bewildered as to how you can honestly operate a business in this country the way that you do. How can you just totally cancel flights left and right? I mean, really. How can you? What would happen if I just showed up at work one day and said you know what? I'm not doing my job. I'm just not going to and you can't make me. My husband, Babe, is an architect. What if he said to his client who had paid him, you know what? Sorry, not designing your building. Yes, yes, I realize you already paid me but I'm not going to build it.

And then the owner could do nothing about it but fume?

Last night instead of getting into La Guardia at 9:40 and taking a $25.00 car service home, I arrived at Newark airport at 2:35 in the morning and took an $80.00 car service home. Know why? Cuz my flight was canceled. Know why? Then tell me, cuz I don't know either.

I hate you American Airlines.

You will be paying for my car service. You will.


DelorumRex said...

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Randi said...

Yeah dude, fuck them. What buttholes. I don't like the idea of you roaming the streets in the dark early hours of the morning. I bet Babe is totally be mad, too.

Drew said...

I've never heard as many stories of canceled flights as I have this summer. Such a load of crap.