Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Die Hard

I finally saw Die Hard - years and years later. It was fantastic. I wish they still made movies like this - totally violent and ridiculous. Bruce Willis smokes in the movie - something no one (at least no good guys!) are allowed to do in films anymore. And to see Snape all evil villian-y was fantastic! If you haven't watched in a while, check it out!

I'll give you money if you can tell me why the wife in that movie looks so familiar to me. I read over her whole list of credits and she doesn't appear in anything I've seen recently. And I can't remember her from that episode of Big Love that they say she starred in.


Randi said...

Damn. I really wanted money but I can't tell you. Maybe she resembles someone? In that black and white shot she could be Kyra Sedgwick's sister. And in the Die Hard still she sort of looks like Bernadette Peters. IMHO, anyway.

Ois said...

can't place her either, but she is a bit of a cutie, especially with her 80's poofy hairstyle..

Drew said...

TV movies. Based on her IMDB profile, she was the female Robert Urich back in the 80s and 90s.