Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Una Pregunta

Have you or have you not heard of a chick - o - stick? Would you drop a comment and let me know. Have you eaten one? If so, are you from the west coast?


Randi said...

Ok, now I know I've seen these but I've never eaten one... I'll ask on my blag.

Michele said...

Never heard of that before.

m.i.l. said...

oh yeah, i've had them before (mostly when i was a kid....a very looong time ago)....if i remember correctly they have peanut butter in the middle and a crunchy coating with toasted coconut. a little like a butter finger without the chocolate coating.

Jessicer said...

Seen 'em. Eaten them. From California.

Totally the poor man's butterfinger.

Anonymous said...

heard of them (from you)
eaten them (with you)

never had seen them before I met you