Thursday, August 09, 2007

First Saturdays

Last Saturday, Babe and I hit up the Brooklyn Museum for their first Saturday party. We had a pretty great time - lots of people in the sculpture garden in the back hanging out chilling with a beer. Lots of people dancing to the off the hook DJ, lots of kids running around screaming. It was a great party and totally free. It's about a 20 minute walk from our house, so you gotta love that.

But we didn't just enjoy the outdoor party. We totally checked out the museum, too, for free, and open until 11pm. One of the coolest things I've ever seen in a museum was there. It was all these little houses & "period rooms" decorated with old furniture. I get a kick out of that stuff, you guys. And it was pretty fun and scary too because we were in there basically all by our selves - tripping out walking through these old houses and rooms from the 16th and 17th century. Check it out.

There was also a Feminism exhibit which was in parts dope, funny, and disgusting. Dope was that famous exhibit of the dinner party which is a triangular table with place settings for 39 woman throughout the ages who made a difference but who's contributions were largely ignored (Holla Sacagawea!). Funny was that famous pic (below) that was all over NYC a couple of years ago - I was glad I got to see it. And disgusting was a movie of a woman pulling duct tape off of her boobs. Nipples and all, girls. It was not easy to watch.


Korin said...

You will never believe this. I was a security guard at the Brooklyn Museum of Art (Bippy's parents knew someone). We worked there for the summer. It was the most interesting summer job I have ever had. I loved when I was assigned to the period rooms. To pass the time I would pretend I lived there.

I am so glad that I am bored at work today and I read your blog today.

Randi said...

nipples and all