Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Or Brookyn bar crawl. These pictures are all Michele's, so I'm really stealing them.

This is the cute rooftop of the Graziella's pizza down the street from my apartment. They have delicious pizza and this super cute rooftop! Love it.
This is a pic Michele took from our window (also featured on her site) which shows that in fact, our apartment does have a view of the Empire State Building. See it? In the corner there? At that top? Well, can ya? Can ya see it?
I've been talking this bar up for Ages, the Royale. And I still love it. It was kinda dead on Saturday night though. So we left and went to Commonwealth which had good service and a great backyard. The crowd was very Murray Hill though. Strange, right? For that far South in Park Slope.
Then we went to Bar Reis, but that is not what this picture is. Bar Reis - god I love that place! It's so cute and so fun and so ... whatever. This is a picture of where we ended the night, at The Gate. Great spot. Good beers, like Blind Tiger but not on Bleecker.

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