Thursday, August 16, 2007


I read recently somewhere that there are statistically more birthdays in August than any other month. Now I can't find where I read it, so I don't expect you of all people to believe me. You who freak out every time I throw a fact your way. HA!

But, I'd still like to use this space to shout out to a few August Birthdays that I know.

Happy Birthday Yesterday to Omar!
Happy Birthday a few days ago to Scooter, on the far left. Not in terms of politics, just in this picture.
And lovely Carissa who is actually in this country right now preparing to take Burning Man by storm. Thanks for hooking it up, Carissa!


Randi said...

Dude. Scooter on the far left. Good one.

Back your shit up!

Michele said...

And though it's the last day of the month, Drew's b-day is the 31st :)

Angela said...

Happy Belated Birthday Omar!