Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Old and New

Checked out the Nancy Whiskey last night (Dude, I kid you not. Next time you have to come!) for some shuffleboard. In the relatively new neighborhood of TriBeCa this bar is from a time before it was hip to be there. The place was nearly all locals, plus some downtown business types. And I did hear the bartender say that Julia Stiles was in there the night before playing shuffleboard. So that was our trip to a new spot - and it was great fun. We managed to sign ourselves up for a shuffleboard tourney - awesome.

Then we hit up our old spots - Corner Bistro for a burger and a McSorley's and you can see where this is going. We also hit up the Cubby Hole for a round or two to finish the night. Saw some of our old bartenders - wild. Took our first cab ride back to the new spot - and it was only $15.00. Thank the maker! Home in the 10 o'clock hour - not too shabby for a school night.

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Jessica said...

I have a picture of my mom standing in front of that bar when we were in NYC a couple of years ago . . . her name is Nancye (with an e). We didn't go it as it was about 9 am, but maybe next time.