Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NYC Makes Me Mad

Sometimes, NYC makes me mad. I love you, NY, but you can really wear a girl down. For example, the family yesterday who made me miss my train because they decided it was important for them to all stand in front of the facking turnstile while the train came to the station and then departed before my very eyes - they wore me down.

The subway system in general on Monday when every train I got on decided it wasn't going to make its routed destination, but instead changed to an E train, that shit wears me down.

It is possible that I need a vacation, but I really just think that how it is to live in this City. Sometimes it can just wear you down. Good thing it's not scorching hot and full of humidity. That would really, really wear me down.

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Randi said...

I used to love LA til the traffic wore me down. You're right, that's life in the big city, Sister.