Monday, July 16, 2007


It was kind of a big weekend, you guys. Hit up a lot of different areas and places in BK - some on purpose and some by chance.

Babe and I hit the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg which was awesome. Cheap & delicious beer - 9 different types of Brooklyn. Awesome! It was full to the gils, too, of all different types of peeps. I like that.

We then hit up Fornino in Billysburg for Pizza - it really was totally delicious.

On Saturday we did a lot of chores and housework, then went to three bars in Park Slope - The Gate, Royale, and Bar Reis. I must say all three were pretty much the spot - but if you're into ranking things and I think you might be the rank would have to be:

1. Royale
2. Bar Reis
3. The Gate.

All three are worthy competitors and frankly? Blow Manhattan's bar scene out of the water.

In fact if my old drinking buddies would come up from Philly, I bet they'd like all three of them.

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Michele said...

I bet you're right! But any bar is good when you're with good company. And even if you're not, most bars are still good :) We'll have to visit soon, sounds like a fun area.