Wednesday, June 27, 2007


You know what state is awesome? Wisconsin. Know why? Cuz it's beautiful and the people are really nice.

Don't try to be on a diet whilst visiting, however. Because do you know what else is great about Wisconsin? The beer and the cheese and the breakfast buffets at their hotels.

Went on an awesome hike into the woods - pictures to follow, per uzh. Saw my Grama. She's awesome. Hung out with my uncles and cousins, etc.

Had Babe's work retreat in Lake Geneva. Fancy.

I realize that NYC has me jaded. I was totally astonished by how nice people were. I mean from the Dollar Rent A Car guy to the waitress at Perkins, they were all friendly. Gasp. I'm from NY, people. Nobody - and I mean nobody - who works in the service industry is friendly. Sure, waiters are polite - but never perky! Friendly? Forget it.

Anyways, I'm back. And that's the last vacay I'm taking this summer - s0 there will no further interruptions in your regularly programmed nonsense that is my blog.


John said...

As a native-born Wisconsinite, I really appreciated your kind comments about our beautiful state. We do have some problems (highest state taxes in the nation) but when one takes the time to revel in its beauty, there are a lot worse places to live. Thank You

Angela said...

Glad you made it home safe dude!

Michele said...

Wisconsin sounds nice and refreshing!!